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Project Technology

Project technology comprises all aspects of the use of computer systems in the design, documentation, building and operational phases of projects in the architecture, engineering and construction industry.

It is becoming a huge challenge for designers and construction professionals to deliver projects successfully whilst having to manage a bewildering array of ever-changing technologies;

The introduction of new working methods utilising intelligent production systems such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) platforms like Revit, Archicad and Bentley AECosim require fresh ways of thinking and working;

BIM is not just a new software platform, it will become a completely new way of working for design practices and their interactions and collaborations with other members of the design team. It is a substantial change management challenge for all elements of a business;

The problem is compounded by the fact that BIM provides just one new albeit substantial element for the design and documentation of building construction. There are many new software applications and methodologies playing a part in the effective exploitation of project technology.


GCN can provide solutions to ensure your Project Technology is optimised:

We can help you train and develop your people and processes to deliver more effective projects by better utilising today’s project technologies;

GCN can help ensure that each project team is tuned in to the latest technologies and successfully employing them;

GCN can advise your company on how to build the necessary expertise and understanding to fully exploit the latest techniques and technologies like Building Information Modelling and Management;

Finally GCN can support practices who wish to undertake a review of their utilisation of the latest tools and help them gain enhanced confidence in their investment in IT.


If you have design and  project technology questions then don’t hesitate to contact us.