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RSHP – IT Strategy Role

GCN is employed by Roger’s Stirk Harbour and Partners (formerly Richard Rogers Partnership) as a strategic IT advisor. GCN has worked with the practice for over seven years to develop strategies for:-

The deployment of Information management systems for potentials tracking, project databases and contact management, business information management system and an archiving system for physical and digital entities.

The deployment of a project information management system.

The selection and employment of a Project Technology Manager to support an increasing take up of building information modelling techniques. The employment of an Information Systems co-ordinator to support the refresh of the practice intranet and its information processes.

Support of the IT Manager and support team in the development of effective business continuity planning and implementation.


RSHP employ approximately 200 people in London, Shanghai and Sydney.

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STO – International Project Portal

Sto SE & Co. KGaA the German facade and building products manufacturer based in the Black Forest, employ GCN to provide a perspective on international project engagement with architects and design consultants. Sto has a global network of subsidiaries. GCN has provided advice on how to provide for the needs of designers on transnational cross border projects through the development of collaborative approaches to knowledge management and project tracking.

GCN has been involved in; the development of ‘The Werkstatt’ a London event centre, the redevelopment of the international portal, collaboration with market development and marketing teams, master data management including business fields responsible for systems and products and BIM strategy, HR, and IT teams covering CRM, Product Management, ERP and HR systems with SAP as well as web development and collaboration systems.

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Zaha Hadid Architects – Information Management Review

GCN was employed by the IT Management and strategy group within the practice to work alongside the internal team during the identification, selection and development of new information technology initiatives. New IT personnel were identified and information infrastructure systems selected and implemented. GCN worked with the practice in the renewal of their IT infrastructures, identification of systems for intranet deployment, HR, archives, and business systems. GCN was employed by ZHA in support of the implementation of information management strategies in the practice.

ZHA employs approximately 450 people with offices in London, Hamburg, Rome, Beijing and Guangzhou.

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BVN – IT Audit, Infrastructure, Governance and Information Management Review

Credits: Images Courtesy of BVN, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne – Australia
ABS Bank, North Wharf, Auckland, New Zealand
Winner – 2014 New Zealand Architecture Medal – Categories: Commercial, Interior Architecture, Sustainability

GCN were approached by BVN to review the ‘state of play’ of IT in the practice after the departure of the incumbent IT Director. Following a report and presentation to the principals group GCN made a number of recommendations which were implemented including the need to restructure the existing IT team which is split across the Sydney and Brisbane offices.

Further areas for investment were recognised by the practice and an IT strategy was developed in conjunction with GCN which is now in the process of being implemented. Areas identified for investment included the core server and network infrastructure, a project information management environment, ERP systems and the provision of a healthy and active and well-connected intranet.

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Robin Partington and Partners – Practice Inception and Development

merchant_square_masterplan_-_credit_miller_hare (2)

Merchant Square Masterplan. Image Credit: Miller Hare

GCN were asked to be involved from the inception of the practice to help deliver the technologies required to support a rapidly growing and dynamic new business. GCN helped to support the decision making process for IT procurement, software selection and managed service provision. GCN has continued to work with the practice to support practice management and the development and renewal of IT infrastructures, technology deployment and methodologies and external IT support provision over the last 5 years.


May 01 2014 · 0 comments · Infrastructure Renewal and Governance Refresh, John McAslan and Partners - IT Review ·

John McAslan and Partners – IT Review, Infrastructure Renewal and Governance Refresh

GCN were employed by JMP to carry out an initial audit of their IT infrastructure, IT governance and their managed service provider. Following consultation with the management and board of the practice, GCN were instrumental in the appointment of an IT Manager and a Project Technology leader. GCN also co-ordinated a tendering process for the appointment of a new managed service provider and provides regular support to the Managing Director and in house IT and Project Technology support leaders.

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BDP – IT Strategy & Project Information Management Reviews

GCN was employed by BDP’s Chief Executive to carry out a detailed review of the practices IT strategy. GCN carried out research which included a series of interviews with staff from across the ten UK offices of this multi-disciplinary design practice. The areas of investigation included IT infrastructure and governance, outsourcing, project technology and project information management.  Various workshops were held with business, profession and project leaders to develop technology roadmaps and governance structures which are helping to move the practices application of technology forward.

BDP has offices across Europe, Middle East and Asia.

GCN have also been employed to review BDP’s project information management strategy a study which was concluded in early 2011.